Faunistic and floristic records in the Belarusian Polissia in 2019-2020

最新版本 published by Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group (NGO) on 4月 19, 2023 Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group (NGO)
CC-BY 4.0

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The dataset contains data on records of 54 species of spiders, insects, reptiles, birds, mammals, plants, fungi and lichens.


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Abramchuk A (2023): Faunistic and floristic records in the Belarusian Polissia in 2019-2020. v1.2. Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group (NGO). Dataset/Occurrence. https://ukraine.ipt.gbif.no/resource?r=belaruscentralfaunaflora1&v=1.2



此資料的發布者及權利單位為 Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group (NGO)。 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY 4.0) License.


此資源已向GBIF註冊,並指定以下之GBIF UUID: c2a03902-584a-4338-9ea8-cb0875012e7f。  Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group (NGO) 發佈此資源,並經由Participant Node Managers Committee同意向GBIF註冊成為資料發佈者。


Occurrence; Belarus; biodiversity; plants; animals; flora; fauna; fungi; records; Polissia; Observation


Andrey Abramchuk
  • 元數據提供者
  • 出處
  • 連絡人
Forest Working Group
Oleksii Marushchak
  • 程式設計師
junior researcher
I. I. Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology NAS of Ukraine
Vul. B. Khmelnytskogo, 15
01030 Kyiv


The study area covers the territory of eastern and south-eastern Polissia of Belarus. This area includes also the following Areas of special conservation interest (ASCI's): Telekhany Bog and Forest Complex (BY0000171), Lower Yaselda Valley (BY0000170), adopted sites: Vieluta (SiteCode: BY0000055), Luninskiy (SiteCode: BY0000080), Srednyaya Pripyat (SiteCode: BY0000005), Bielaye Fish Farm (SiteCode: BY0000034), Chyrvonaye (SiteCode: BY0000064), Lva Floodplain (SiteCode: BY0000049), Olmanskiye bolota (SiteCode: BY0000012), Stary Zhadzien (SiteCode: BY0000051), Volkhva (SiteCode: BY0000039), as well as forest complexes within Ivatsevichi, Pinsk, Luninets, Stolin, districts of the Brest region, Zhitkovichi and Lelchitsa districts of the Gomel regions, Belarus.

界定座標範圍 緯度南界 經度西界 [51.262, 23.159], 緯度北界 經度東界 [56.17, 32.739]


The dataset consists of the records of fauna and flora of the following classes: Arachnida, Insecta, Reptilia, Aves, Mammalia, Lycopodiopsida, Liliopsida, Magnoliopsida, Bryopsida, Jungermanniopsida, Polypodiopsida, Agaricomycetes, Lecanoromycetes.

Kingdom Plantae, Fungi, Animalia
Phylum Tracheophyta, Bryophyta, Ascomycota, Basidiomycota, Chordata, Marchantiophyta, Arthropoda
Class Aves, Liliopsida, Insecta, Bryopsida, Agaricomycetes, Arachnida, Mammalia, Reptilia, Magnoliopsida, Polypodiopsida, Lycopodiopsida, Jungermanniopsida, Lecanoromycetes


起始日期 / 結束日期 2019-03-01 / 2020-06-30


The material was collected during field excursions along pre-planned routes. Bird counts were carried out using vocal stimulation. Field work was carried out in March-June 2019, March-June 2020 on the territory of Ivatsevichy, Pinsk, Luninets, Stolin, districts of the Brest region, Zhitkovichi and Lelchitsky districts of the Gomel region, the Republic of Belarus.

研究範圍 The author expresses his gratitude to Yuri Yankevich, Anatoly Nefidovich for help in conducting field research, Alexander Yatsyn, a staff member of the Institute of Experimental Botany. V.F. Kuprevich of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, for help in identifying lichen species. Part of the data was collected as part of the project "Polesie - Wildlife without Borders: Restoration of one of the largest natural landscapes in Europe."
品質控管 The author of the dataset is fully responsible for the quality of data provided in it.


  1. Conducting of field research.
  2. Vocal stimulation of birds in order to get vocal response and identify the species.
  3. Visual identification of specific composition of flora and fauna.
  4. Georeferencing.
  5. Organizing of the datatset according to Darwin Core standards.


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