Spiders of the National Nature Park Dvorichanskyi (Northeastern Ukraine)

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23 de enero de 2023
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The database includes records of 211 spider species in 25 families collected in the "Dvorichanskyi" National Nature Park and its vicinity. The park was created for the conservation of chalk grasslands and the landscape complexity of northeastern Ukraine. It hosts chalky hills at various stages of grassland succession, gullies with shrubs and steppe-like meadows, floodplain meadows, and an oak forest on the right high riverbank; a floodplain forest and a narrow strip of wetlands neighbor the park. The sandy river terrace is planted with pine trees. Chalky hills stretch along the Oskil river making a mosaic of specific calcareous vegetation. Natural habitats are surrounded by agricultural lands. Additional records representing new species of spiders registered in the study area was added on 17 January 2023.


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Palabras clave

Occurrence; Arachnida; animals; spiders; Arthropods; biodiversity; Ukraine; invertebrates; "Dvorichanskyi" National Nature Park; Kharkiv region; Oskil river; Observation


Nina Polchaninova
  • Proveedor De Los Metadatos
  • Originador
  • Punto De Contacto
Assistant professor
V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University
Svobody Sq. 4
61027 Kharkiv
Oleksii Marushchak
  • Programador
junior researcher
I. I. Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology NAS of Ukraine
Vul. B. Khmelnytskogo, 15
01030 Kyiv

Cobertura geográfica

Study area is locted in the Kupyansk District of the Kharkiv Region, Ukraine.

Coordenadas límite Latitud Mínima Longitud Mínima [48,509, 34,838], Latitud Máxima Longitud Máxima [50,437, 38,09]

Cobertura taxonómica

The data base consists of the finds of spiders.

Reino Animalia
Filo Arthropoda
Class Arachnida
Orden Araneae

Cobertura temporal

Fecha Inicial / Fecha Final 2008-06-08 / 2023-01-17

Métodos de muestreo

A line of ten traps at a distance of 10 m was established at each study plot: top of slope covered with forb-fescue-feather grass steppe, bare chalky slope with sparse calcareous vegetation, bottom of slope, bordering a floodplain meadow, gully bottom with shrubs and dry/mesic steppe-like meadow, and a floodplain meadow on the edge of riverside arboreal vegetation. Traps were checked monthly from May to October. Similar sampling protocol was used in 2021 for investigating an oak forest and adjacent habitats (old abandoned field with steppe vegetation, chalky slope and gullies). Sweep netting was conducted in the same habitats, tree samples of 25 double sweeps per plot. Since chalk grasslands are patched communities, we sampled chalky hills along the river to determine their specificity and conservation value. Hand collecting during the study period contributed to the fauna inventory of the area in hand. Geographical locations were indicated by GPS-navigator in decimal degrees according to the WGS 84 system. The nomenclature follows the World Spider Catalogue (WSC, 2022).

Área de Estudio Spiders were collected by hand, by pitfall trapping, and by sweep netting. The main material was obtained in 2014-2016 from a monitoring site representing typical grassland habitats of the study area. I cooperated with Volodymyr Kletionkin (Dvorichanskyi NNP) and Viktoria Terekhova (V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Dvorichanskyi NNP), Ukraine, who contributed to collection of the material. This dataset was prepared and published with the help of the Olin gGmbH foundation to preserve data on the biodiversity of Ukraine obtained by the Ukrainian scientists, who were forced to leave their homeland due to the war (Russia's invasion of Ukraine). Olin gGmbH is a funding organization for environmental protection and conservation that supports environmental and sociopolitical organizations.
Control de Calidad The author is fully responsible for the quality of data provided within the dataset.

Descripción de la metodología paso a paso:

  1. Field expeditions to the study sites.
  2. Establishing a line of ten traps at a distance of 10 m at each study plot.
  3. Regular checking of the traps.
  4. Sweep netting conducted in the same habitats, tree samples of 25 double sweeps per plot; hand collecting.
  5. Georeferencing with the help of GPS-navigator.
  6. Species identification in the laboratory.
  7. Organizing of a dataset according to Darwin Core standards.

Referencias bibliográficas

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Metadatos adicionales

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