Flora of vascular plants of the Lower Sula National Nature Park

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The dataset contains data on registration of more than 300 species of vascular plants in natural areas, including those found on the territory of the objects of the natural reserve fund of local importance, that are included in the Lower Sula National Nature Park (landscape zakaznik "Onyshkіrаvskyj", entomological zakaznik "Tarasenkivskyj", hydrological zakazniks "Orzhitsky", "Chutіvsky").

データ レコード

この オカレンス(観察データと標本) リソース内のデータは、1 つまたは複数のデータ テーブルとして生物多様性データを共有するための標準化された形式であるダーウィン コア アーカイブ (DwC-A) として公開されています。 コア データ テーブルには、656 レコードが含まれています。

この IPT はデータをアーカイブし、データ リポジトリとして機能します。データとリソースのメタデータは、 ダウンロード セクションからダウンロードできます。 バージョン テーブルから公開可能な他のバージョンを閲覧でき、リソースに加えられた変更を知ることができます。





Kozachkova O, Smolyar N (2023): Flora of vascular plants of the Lower Sula National Nature Park. v1.1. Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group (NGO). Dataset/Occurrence. https://ukraine.ipt.gbif.no/resource?r=lowersulaflora1&v=1.1



パブリッシャーとライセンス保持者権利者は Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group (NGO)。 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY 4.0) License.


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Occurrence; Lower Sula National Nature Park; herbs; flora; biodiversity; plants; vascular plants; Plantae; Ukraine; conservation; nature reserve fund; Observation


Oksana Kozachkova
  • メタデータ提供者
  • 最初のデータ採集者
  • 連絡先
Lower Sula National Nature Park
Natalia Smolyar
  • 最初のデータ採集者
Lower Sula National Nature Park
Oleksii Marushchak
  • プログラマー
junior researcher
I. I. Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology NAS of Ukraine
Vul. B. Khmelnytskogo, 15
01030 Kyiv


The dataset consists of records of vascular plants made on the territory of the Lower Sula National Nature Park within Cherkasy and Poltava administrative regions of Ukraine. These territories include areas along the valley of Sula River and its tributaries within the Lubenskyj (former Orzhitskyj) district, as well as the steppe territory in the vicinities of the village of Maloseletske that is called "Zalizna Baba" gulch.

座標(緯度経度) 南 西 [48.429, 29.575], 北 東 [50.548, 35.464]


The dataset consists of records of vascular plants (Tracheophyta).

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Tracheophyta
Class Magnoliopsida, Liliopsida, Polypodiopsida
Order Acorales, Alismatales, Apiales, Asparagales, Asterales, Boraginales, Brassicales, Caryophyllales, Ceratophyllales, Celastrales, Dipsacales, Ericales, Equisetales, Fabales, Fagales, Gentianales, Geraniales, Lamiales, Liliales, Malpighiales, Malvales, Myrtales, Nymphaeales, Piperales, Poales, Polypodiales, Ranunculales, Rosales, Salviniales, Sapindales, Saxifragales, Solanales


生成(収集)期間 2021/2022


The results of the project will be a backbone for establishment of new protected areas and Emerald Network sites, as well as for development of management plans for already existing protected areas. As a result, we will prepare documents for all the important sites identified and provide them directly to the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine. Our gathered data on the occurrences of protected species will facilitate the establishment of new protected areas.

タイトル Open biodiversity data: serving Nature Conservation in Ukriane


Olexiy Vasyliuk
  • 連絡先


The materials were collected by the methods of inventory and identification of species in the field conditions (detailed by route, scoping of geobotanical descriptions on key plots near natural boundaries of phytocenoses). The species list is shown randomly, but in chronological order. Species are named according to S.L. Mosyakin and M.M. Fedoronchuk [2]. The indication of species' higher taxonomic ranks has been carried out pragmatically following the classification of flowering plants [1]. 1. Мосякін С.Л. Родини і порядки квіткових рослин флори України: прагматична класифікація та положення у філогенетичній системі // Український ботанічний журнал. 2013. Т. 70, №3. С. 289– 307. 2. Mosyakin S.L., Fedoronchuk M.M. Vascular plants of Ukraine a nomenclatural checklist. Kiev.1999. 346.

Study Extent During this project, the author organized research and documented the presence of species in the areas identified by the project in the priority regions.
Quality Control The author is fully responsible for the quality of data provided within the dataset.

Method step description:

  1. Visual registration of the plants.
  2. Species identification.
  3. Georeferencing.
  4. Organizing of the dataset according to Darwin Core standards.


代替識別子 5cc3acb2-4aac-4d3d-b676-e197f5628852