Finds of animals during the spring expedition on the territory of the Right-bank Polissia of Ukraine

最新バージョン Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group (NGO) により出版 8月 29, 2022 Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group (NGO)
CC-BY 4.0

DwC-A形式のリソース データまたは EML / RTF 形式のリソース メタデータの最新バージョンをダウンロード:

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The dataset presents the findings of animal species (among them 6 species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine) during the spring field trip and batracho-herpetological studies in the Right-bank Polissya. In particular, the dataset contains modern findings of the natterjack toad - an extremely rare amphibian species, for which there were no reliable findings during 2016-2020. Moreover, the dataset highlights a lot of registration points of amphibians in Polissia region, as this group is relatively poorly studied in this territory.

データ レコード

この オカレンス(観察データと標本) リソース内のデータは、1 つまたは複数のデータ テーブルとして生物多様性データを共有するための標準化された形式であるダーウィン コア アーカイブ (DwC-A) として公開されています。 コア データ テーブルには、221 レコードが含まれています。

この IPT はデータをアーカイブし、データ リポジトリとして機能します。データとリソースのメタデータは、 ダウンロード セクションからダウンロードできます。 バージョン テーブルから公開可能な他のバージョンを閲覧でき、リソースに加えられた変更を知ることができます。





Nekrasova O, Marushchak O (2022): Finds of animals during the spring expedition on the territory of the Right-bank Polissia of Ukraine. v1.3. Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group (NGO). Dataset/Occurrence.



パブリッシャーとライセンス保持者権利者は Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group (NGO)。 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY 4.0) License.


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Occurrence; Polissia; Amphibia; Reptilia; Epidalea calamita; findings; Occurrence


Oksana Nekrasova
  • 最初のデータ採集者
  • 連絡先
senior researcher
I. I. Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology NAS of Ukraine
Vul. B. Khmelnytskogo, 15
01030 Kyiv
Oleksii Marushchak
  • メタデータ提供者
  • プログラマー
  • 最初のデータ採集者
  • 連絡先
junior researcher
I. I. Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology NAS of Ukraine
Vul. B. Khmelnytskogo, 15
01030 Kyiv


The dataset highlights findings of fauna representatives from Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Rivne and Volyn regions of Ukraine.

座標(緯度経度) 南 西 [49.153, 23.544], 北 東 [51.951, 32.135]


The dataset consists of fauna representatives (mainly amphibians and birds).

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata, Arthropoda
Class Mammalia, Aves, Amphibia, Reptilia, Branchiopoda, Actinopterygii


Animals were registered by visual identification; registration of specific acoustic signals emitted by animals during the mating season; spotting anroad kills; actual capture of animals with a net (cell diameter d = 1 cm). Studies of amphibians occurred during the breeding season, when the presence of most species can be confirmed by acoustic signals from males, or by the presence of spawn/tadpoles of species that have already completed spawning.

Study Extent The dataset consists of registrations of animals (Amphibians, Mammals, Reptiles, Actinopterygyy, Branchiopoda, Aves) during spring time at day temperatures ranging from +8 - +18 C, when most species demonstrate active phase of mating period: vocalizing, migrating, agregating in spawning places, building nests etc.
Quality Control The author(s) are fully responsible for the accuracy and quality of the data provided within the dataset.

Method step description:

  1. 1. Spotting of animals killed on the road.
  2. 2. Registration of acoustic signals from males in different water bodies.
  3. 3. Actual capture of animals with a net.
  4. 4. Visual registration.
  5. 5. Mapping of registration points in offline software for smartphone - MAPS.ME.
  6. 6. Checking of coordinates and georeferencing information using Google Earth Pro.


The dataset was created thanks to the support of Biodiversity Protection Fund of Ukraine and Kyiv Zoo.

代替識別子 02c9ce3a-b048-4fe2-bbe0-645fd9b12191