Records of rare plant species under threat due to the expansion of the Oleksandrivka water reservoir (from 16.0 m to 20.7 m)

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The database includes records of rare plant species (listed in Red Data Book of Ukraine, 2009) within zone of potential flooding by the Oleksandrivka water reservoir. According to the plan of expansion of the South-Ukraine electric power producing complex, the level of the Oleksandrivka water reservoir could be raised from 16.0 m to 20.7 m. Therefore we studied the potential impact of projected flooding in 2017-2021. The nomenclature is given in accordance to the Nomenclatural Checklist of Vascular Plants of Ukraine (Mosyakin, Fedoronchuk, 1999) and Red Data Book of Ukraine (2009).

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Dariia Shyriaeva
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Ganna Kolomiets
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Viktor Skorobogatov
Galina Drabyniuk
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Sergyi Legkyi
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V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

Geographic Coverage

Mykolaiv region, Ukraine

Bounding Coordinates South West [46.77, 30.718], North East [48.122, 32.432]

Taxonomic Coverage

No Description available

Species Adonis vernalis, Astragalus ponticus, Crocus reticulatus, Dianthus hypanicus, Fritillaria ruthenica, Gymnospermium odessanum, Iris pontica, Moehringia hypanica, Ornithogalum boucheanum, Pulsatilla pratensis, Silene hypanica, Silene sytnikii, Stachys angustifolia, Stipa capillata, Stipa graniticola, Stipa lessingiana, Stipa species, Tulipa hypanica

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 2013-01-01 / 2021-01-01

Project Data

Partially supported fieldwork for the threat assessment

Title Rare Plant Species and Habitats of the National Nature Park “Buzkyi Gard”: Diversity, Conservation and Management Planning
Identifier 27637-1
Funding Rufford Small Grants Foundation

The personnel involved in the project:

Sampling Methods

We collected data as observations by botanists during complex vegetation surveys of the territory, as well as special studies of the zone of potential flooding due to an increase in the level of the Oleksandrivka water reservoir.

Study Extent Mykolaiv region, Ukraine, valley of Southern Bug river

Method step description:

  1. We identified the area of influence of potential flooding using topographic maps and GIS modelling. Also, we investigated the areas closest to the flooding zone, since they are likely to be disturbed because of accompanying works (transformation of the reservoir banks, creation of new roads) and changing of the hydrological regime if flooding occurs.
  2. We collected data as observations by botanists during fieldwork using determination features of the species from Ukrainian determination keys (1936–1965; 1987) and Flora Europaea (1968–1993). Some observations were also confirmed later by photo fixation of distinguishing features.
  3. We recorded GPS coordinates of species records using GPS navigator (Garmin) (2013-2020) and NextGIS application (2017-2021).
  4. We stored the database of rare species records as a GIS project (in QGIS3.16) and exported it as .xlsx table for publishing.

Bibliographic Citations

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