Plants of the Hnylyi Tikych River basin and adjacent territories

Sampling event
最新版本 published by Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group (NGO) on 1月 3, 2023 Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group (NGO)
CC-BY 4.0

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The database contains data on the distribution of 570 plant species, obtained as a result of the analysis of 214 vegetation plots.


此資源sampling event的資料已發佈為達爾文核心集檔案(DwC-A),其以一或多組資料表構成分享生物多樣性資料的標準格式。 核心資料表包含 214 筆紀錄。

亦存在 1 筆延伸集的資料表。延伸集中的紀錄補充核心集中紀錄的額外資訊。 每個延伸集資料表中資料筆數顯示如下。

Event (核心)

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Lavrinenko K, Kuzemko A, Shynder O, Bezsmertna O, Pashkevych N, Chusova O (2023): Plants of the Hnylyi Tikych River basin and adjacent territories. v1.5. Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group (NGO). Dataset/Samplingevent.



此資料的發布者及權利單位為 Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group (NGO)。 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY 4.0) License.


此資源已向GBIF註冊,並指定以下之GBIF UUID: 079253ef-00cd-4aec-93cb-72529974f942。  Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group (NGO) 發佈此資源,並經由Participant Node Managers Committee同意向GBIF註冊成為資料發佈者。


Samplingevent; Ukraine; biodiversity; plants; herbs; Plantae; vegetation; plots; Hnylyi Tikych river basin


Kateryna Lavrinenko
  • 元數據提供者
  • 出處
  • 連絡人
Phd Student
M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Anna Kuzemko
  • 出處
M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Oleksandr Shynder
  • 出處
M. M. Gryshko National Botanic Garden
Olesya Bezsmertna
  • 出處
Taras Shevchenko national university of Kyiv, Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group
Natalia Pashkevych
  • 出處
M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Olga Chusova
  • 出處
M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Oleksii Marushchak
  • 程式設計師
junior researcher
I. I. Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology NAS of Ukraine
Vul. B. Khmelnytskogo, 15
01030 Kyiv


The dataset consists of records from Hnylyi Tikych River basin – from Snizhky village (Bila Tserkva district, Kyiv region) to the confluence with the Hirskyi Tikych River near Kryvi Kolina village (Lysyanka district, Cherkasy region) and separate adjacent areas of the Synyuha and Hirskyi Tikych river basins.

界定座標範圍 緯度南界 經度西界 [47.736, 29.257], 緯度北界 經度東界 [51.505, 33.893]


The dataset includes records of Plantae kingdom, Tracheophyta phylum (4 classes: Liliopsida, Magnoliopsida, Pinopsida, Polypodiopsida).

Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Tracheophyta
Class Liliopsida, Magnoliopsida, Polypodiopsida, Pinopsida
Order Pinales, Equisetales, Polypodiales, Apiales, Asterales, Boraginales, Brassicales, Caryophyllales, Celastrales, Cornales, Cucurbitales, Ceratophyllales, Dipsacales, Ericales, Fagales, Fabales, Gentianales, Geraniales, Lamiales, Malpighiales, Malvales, Myrtales, Nymphaeales, Oxalidales, Piperales, Ranunculales, Rosales, Santalales, Sapindales, Saxifragales, Solanales, Vitales, Acorales, Alismatales, Asparagales, Liliales, Poales


起始日期 / 結束日期 2022-07-08 / 2022-08-14


The results of the project will be a backbone for establishment of new protected areas and Emerald Network sites, as well as for development of management plans for already existing protected areas. As a result, we will prepare documents for all the important sites identified and provide them directly to the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine. Our gathered data on the occurrences of protected species will facilitate the establishment of new protected areas.

計畫名稱 Open biodiversity data: serving Nature Conservation in Ukriane


Olexiy Vasyliuk
  • 連絡人


We collected 214 releves of the natural vegetation of various types: dry, mesic and wet grasslands, rocky outcrops, shrubs, forests, wetlands and aquatic vegetation. The plot size was 16 m2 (4×4 m) for grasslands, 100 m2 (10×10) for forests, 25 m2 (5×5) for shrubs, at least 10 m2 for rocks depending on the aspect and steepness of the slope.

研究範圍 We express our gratitude to Andriy Babytskyi for help with organization of expedition trip; Denis Davydov for identifying some species; to Armed Forces of Ukraine - for courage, protection from the aggressor and the opportunity to collect biodiversity data even during the war.
品質控管 The authors are fully responsible for the quality of data provided within the dataset.


  1. Preliminary designation of the study sites and plots.
  2. Field expeditions to the study sites.
  3. Conduction of a field research with vegetation releves.
  4. Collecting samples for herbarium.
  5. Collecting of photo material.
  6. Species identification.
  7. Georeferencing.
  8. Organizing of the dataset according to Darwin Core standards.


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