Spiders of the National Nature Park Slobozhanskyi (Northeastern Ukraine)

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29 de Agosto de 2022
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The database includes records of 115 spider species in 25 families collected in the National Nature Park Slobozhanskyi. The Park was created in 2009 for the conservation of valuable natural areas of the forest-steppe zone of northeastern Ukraine, its historical and cultural objects. It is located in the floodplain and sandy terraces of the valley of Merchik and Merla Rivers (the Vorskla basin). Most of the park’s territory is covered with natural oak and pine forests as well as pine plantations replaced logged forests. The gem of the park is sphagnum and sedge-sphagnum bogs, forest lakes, marshy birch and alder stands, located on the southeast border of their range. They host northern species uncommon in the forest-steppe.

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Occurrence; Specimen


Nina Polchaninova
  • Provedor Dos Metadados
  • Originador
  • Ponto De Contato
Assistant Professor
V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University
Svobody sq. 4
61022 Kharkiv
Roman Honcharov
  • Originador
V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University
Oleh Prylutskyi
  • Custódio De Dados
associate professor
V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University
Svobody sq. 4, School of Biology
61022 Kharkiv

Cobertura Geográfica

Bohodukhiv District (Raion), Kharkiv Region (Oblast’), Ukraine.

Coordenadas delimitadoras Sul Oeste [49,611, 35,09], Norte Leste [50,416, 36,387]

Cobertura Taxonômica


Class Arachnida
Ordem Araneae

Cobertura Temporal

Período de Formação 2013-2019

Métodos de Amostragem

In 2013, the lines of 10 pitfall traps at a distance 10 m from each other were established in three habitats, viz. an old pine forest, bank of a small bog in the clear-cut, and bank of a big peat bog in the wood. We used 250 ml plastic caps half filled with 4% formalin. In addition, spiders were sampled by hands and by sweep netting in the forest herbage, riparian vegetation of the small bog, and on the clear-cut in the old pine forest. The material was collected on May 23, June 5, and July 7. The traps were exposed from May 23 to July 7, with an additional check on June 5. In 2019, we investigated burnt and unburnt areas of a peat bog, pine plantation and an old pine forest. On May 23, nine traps were set at each study plot. They were arranged by three at a distance 10 m between the triplets and 3 m between the traps within each triplet. The traps were checked on June 13, July 7, and August 1. Each triplet was preserved separately as a subsample in a sample of nine traps. Geographical locations were indicated by GPS-navigator in decimal degrees according to the WGS 84 system. The nomenclature follows the World Spider Catalogue (WSC, 2022).

Área de Estudo Slobozhanskyi National Nature park, Kharkiv Region, Ukraine

Descrição dos passos do método:

  1. Field expeditions to the study sites.
  2. Establishing a line of pitfall traps at a distance of 10 m at each study plot.
  3. Regular checking of the traps.
  4. Georeferencing with the help of GPS-navigator.
  5. Species identification in the laboratory.
  6. Organizing of a dataset according to Darwin Core standards.

Dados de Coleção

Nome da Coleção Private collection of Nina Polchaninova

Citações bibliográficas

  1. Polchaninova N., Gnelitsa V., Terekhova V., Iosypchuk A. 2021. New and rare spider species (Arachnida: Araneae) from Ukraine. Zoodiversity. 55(2). P.95‒112.
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  5. World Spider Catalog (WOS). 2022. version 23.0 Bern: Natural History Museum. http://wsc.nmbe.ch (accessed 13.05.2022)

Metadados Adicionais

Identificadores alternativos 55a1cb57-3dc5-457b-86e8-d08b1f990542